Company Policies

Quality and Health & Safety are of paramount importance to us.  Our commitment to ensuring quality and safety on all Projects has enabled us retain ISO 9001:2008,  ISO 1800: 2007 and Safe T Cert.

Quality Management

We are committed to providing a quality service and a quality end product for our Client.  As a result we have been accredited and certified and hold the ISO 9001:2008.

We continuously work towards improving and setting new standards in quality.  Through regular communication and transparency with the design team, client and subcontractors we are able to assess and monitor quality control on each project.  The project management team ensures that a systematic approach is taken and that all criteria is adhered to. This system is reviewed regularly in order to ensure continued effectiveness. [LEARN MORE]

Health & Safety

We at Carey Building Contractors place a strong emphasis on health and safety in the working environment.  It is a policy of the company to comply with the Safety, Health & Welfare at Work Act 2005, the General Applications Regulations 2007 and the Construction Safety, Health & Welfare at work (Construction) Regulations 2006 and associated legislation where appropriate and to identify and adhere to new legislation and best practices.


Environmental Management

We are committed to providing a safe & healthy workplace and ensure that we minimize any harmful impact to the environment.

Environmental management is the responsibility of all involved in the work activity but is primarily the responsibility of the Managing Director and Health & Safety Manager who ensure that compliance with the policy is maintained.

Staff are frequently reminded of the benefits of waste segregation and management and this is regularly monitored both in the office  and on site.

We remain committed to a high level of environmental protection and staff are strongly encouraged to participate and offer suggestions as to how we may improve performance in this area.


Sustainability is very important to us and we promote and use products that will have minimum demand on the earth’s natural resources in the long-term.

We aim to maximize sustainability in construction and minimize the effect that construction can have in our society.

We are implementing a proactive policy in relation to sustainability.  This will include a careful selection of materials which are natural and renewable.  It also includes the control of waste management on site which will generate greater efficiency on all projects.